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"Alvina is a really gifted facilitator... Kind of like a therapist who leads you to realizations about yourself in a way that makes you own the process and feel like you did it yourself."

​​​The EmHERging Leader™

"I appreciated the way we formed an open and candid support group amongst the participants, in an environment where everyone felt safe to share their good and bad professional experiences without judgment or breach of confidentiality."

Empowering Women to Emerge As Confident Leaders

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"I now have more awareness of the composition of teams and how I can both build teams with a variety of strengths as well as draw the best out of the team members I have. It boosted my confidence quite a lot."

The EmHERging Leader,


Are you lacking gender diversity in your leadership pipeline?  We can fix that!

For every 10% increasein gender diversity on senior executive teams,

earnings before interest and tax rose by 3.5% (McKinsey).
Companies with at least three female directors on the board experienced a return on invested capital of 66% higher than other companies and a return on equity of 53% higher (research from the Carnegie Institute and Cranfield University).

developing your female employees earlier in their careers, you are “strengthening your bench.” In other words, you are ensuring that you have a pool of gender diverse candidates to promote in the future.

Our innovative program will help your organization remove the barriers that hold your female talent back from pursuing and maintaining leadership positions,

Women who participate in The EmHERging Leader™  program can expect to:

  • be more confident in expressing their career goals and taking the steps to make them a reality,
  • demonstrate a renewed competence and sense of mastery and purpose in their organization and community,
  • connect with a community of fellow aspiring leaders, who will support one another as they rise up the ladder of success,
  • to feel in control of their leadership journey. They are in the driver's seat instead of the passenger seat, and 
  •  gain clarity of the strengths and value they bring to the organization, and articulate and apply those skills to take on the “next level” role.

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