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​​​The EmHERging Leader™

Helping Women Emerge as Confident Leaders

Are you lacking gender diversity in your leadership pipeline?  We can fix that!

The vast amount of research on the underrepresentation of women in positions of leadership suggests that disparities in promotion rates are not caused by women’s lack of desire to advance their career, instead, compared to men, women

are less optimistic about their opportunity to attain a leadership position,

anticipate more difficulties once in leadership positions, which lead to...

doubting their leadership competencies.

Our goal through The EmHERging Leader™ program is to change this narrative by increasing the number of women receiving first level promotions, thereby increasing the diversity and strength of your organizational pipeline.

Women who participate in The EmHERging Leader™  program can expect to:

  • be more confidentin expressing their career goals and taking the steps to make them a reality,
  • demonstrate a renewed competenceand sense of mastery and purpose in their organization and community,
  • connect with a communityof fellow aspiring leaders, who will support one another as they rise up the ladder of success,
  • to feel in controlof their leadership journey. They are in the driver's seat instead of the passenger seat, and 
  •  gain clarityof the strengths and value they bring to the organization, and articulate and apply those skills to take on the “next level” role.

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