During the workshop you will:

  • practice techniques for communicating in a positive and purposeful way,
  • examine the effects of nonverbal behavior in our daily communication with others,
  • explore techniques for asking for feedback and listening effectively to feedback, and
  • discover ways for ensuring that everyone involved in the conversation understands what was discussed, and agrees upon a future course of action.

The Confident Communicator

As a result, you will:

  • gain new insight into your every day communication with others,
  • build a better rapport with co-workers,
  • resolve conflicts more effectively, and
  • work more collaboratively.

About the Workshop
Confident Communicators express their views honestly while respecting the rights and perspectives of the people with whom they are communicating. The result is a “win-win” situation where both sides are able to have their needs met in a calm, rational manner.

The ability to communicate with confidence requires a great deal of self-awareness and control, which is not always easy to maintain.  But the good news is there are specific communication strategies you can learn that will help you become a more confident communicator.  Improving your use of these important skills will help you be more successful in reaching your goals while maintaining the respect of your colleagues.