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Tired of sitting and talking?

Eating and talking?

Going for coffee and talking?

Why not a walk & talk?!

Ideas for Walk & Talk topics include:

Communication Skills


Workplace Challenges

Empowerment Challenges

& More!

 Workplace Communication Coaching

Have you ever attended a workshop and felt inspired and invigorated by what you learned? Did it make you wish that you could continue the learning on a one-to-one basis? Well, you can!
In addition to our workshops, participants can work one-on-one with an experienced coach to strengthen their individual interpersonal communication skills.

The Confident Communicator...

Team Talk: How Successful Teams Communicate...     

One on One Consulting


Walk & Talk 

During the coaching experience, you will address your specific communication challenges. As with our workshops, one one one coaching will assist you in gaining new insight into your every day communication with others, build a better rapport with co-workers, resolve conflicts more effectively and work more collaboratively.
The goal is to bring out the best in you and those with whom you work.
Coaching fees vary by engagement.

Communication Strategies for Workplace Conversations...