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I Do, I Dare, I Deserve, I Desire

Date:  Saturday, June 20, 2020
Time:  11:30am to 1:00pm
Location: Online Virtual Event


Cost of H.E.R. Virtual Retreat?

  • The pricing for the retreat is $50.00pp

H.E.R. Retreat Experience Includes?

  • Exercises
  • Activities
  • Dialogue
  • ​Customized Tools & Strategies
  • Other Surprises

A portion of the proceeds from HERvirtual will be donated to Motivating Young Moms. Visit to learn more about their mission.

A journey of self-discovery

For more info contact Alvina Williams Peat

Phone: 267-992-0088

It may be difficult for you to think about your own needs during these times. How do you continue to be your most empowered self, when it feels as if so much is out of your power? How do you replenish yourself in order to experience this unique time with renewed energy, inspiration and confidence?

Let HERvirtual help you!

What is HERvirtual?
HERvirtual is a 90-minute interactive experience, filled with exercises, activities, dialogue and a few SURPRISES, designed exclusively for women. You will experience real conversations and connections with other women who, will listen, support and uplift one another.

What will I receive?
You will receive customized tools, strategies and an exclusive empowerment model for continued self-reflection and guidance, designed to help you live your most empowered life through even the most challenging times.

How do I register for the HERvirtual?
Click on the BUY NOW button below to be a part of this experience.

How do I prepare for the HERvirtual?
You will need:

  • a quiet space
  • a phone or computer with video capabilities
  • notebook or sheets of plain paper
  • pencil/markers

What is after HERvirtual?

You will be connecting with amazing women during the retreat. You are encouraged to build upon the connections made.  You may consider creating mastermind groups or coaching circles. There is also a H.E.R. FaceBook group.

If you would like to receive one-on-one follow-up coaching after HERvirtual, you may contact Alvina directly.

Don't miss out.

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