Alvina Peat


Williamspeat Associates

Alvina is an amazingly talented individual. I was fortunate to have her as a member of our national ops training team. Her creative approach to find solutions to challenging organizational issues is commendable. She is an exceptional training and learning professional and she uses an interactive, participant focused learning approach when providing training/learning solutions to an organization. I highly recommend Alvina Peat!

- Diane K.

Alvina’s positive, high energy is utterly contagious! She’s clever, puts in research about an audience ahead of time and is well prepared to address the specific people participating in a networking event. Because of this preparation, as well as her dynamic personality, Alvina has the unique ability to help networking program participants feel comfortable and willing to jump in and get the most out of the event. Whether as a participant in her program, or as a program host who has engaged Alvina’s expertise, I’ve consistently been amazed at her ability to help everyone feel like they got immense value from her program. I'm grateful for her work and welcome the opportunity to partner with Alvina again, and again.

- Heather D.

“ Over the many years I have known Alvina, I have been impressed with her high energy, outgoing, and engaging presentation style. She is able to connect with even the most reluctant learners. Most impressive, though is that she also delivers strong content and substance that makes people think and inspires them to learn about themselves and how they interact with others. Many can “enter-train” but few get people to look inside themselves and inspire new ways of behaving the way Alvina can. I have seen her facilitate sessions with different audiences across different industries and she does her homework to make sure she meets our needs and quickly gains credibility with the group.”

- Denise Brennan, Manager, Leadership Development

It is a rare treat to work with someone who has as much integrity and professional rigor as Alvina. And she was a delight to work with! Alvina managed to earn trust as a consultant and was able to deliver high quality programs that exceeded client expectations. Keep her in mind if you're ready to take your people performance to a higher level.

- Suzanne Z.

Lately, women have asked me, "What's your story?"  My story is simply:  I love to help others.  I'm sure there is some deep psychological meaning behind it, but I don't dwell on that.  I accept it as my gift and I use it.  The other part of my story is that I love to teach.

When I was a child, like many others, I "played school."   This game was the highlight of my afternoon.  I would reenact the day, remembering vividly my teacher's words and actions.  As I stood tall in front of my imaginary classroom, I felt so powerful. Today, I talk, teach, facilitate and coach because I love all forms of connecting with people. It's not about power, it's about helping others to be more empowered.

When I created Williamspeat Associates (WPA), in 2002, I had one goal in mind: giving people the tools to be more successful in the workplace.  Through workshops, coaching and consulting, I work with individuals to help them strengthen their interpersonal communication skills and interpersonal relationships in the workplace.  While this remains a goal of WPA, in 2018 I introduced H.E.R. (Her Empowerment Retreats), as a division of WPA. H.E.R. is dedicated exclusively to women's leadership and empowerment.  My mission through H.E.R. is to help women experience themselves as powerfully empowered. 

 My clients include the employed, self-employed, under-employed and unemployed.  I have helped people in a variety of industries:  including housing finance, higher education, pharmaceutical, automotive, direct sales and not-for-profit.

 If you desire to live a more successful and empowered life, inside the workplace or in your personal life, I would love to help you.


My Story

Alvina has served as a partner in delivering one of our in-house leadership development programs as well as providing training on other topics. She is a pleasure to work with and participants rave about her facilitation skills. We are grateful to have Alvina as a resource to support our department’s operations.    

- Holly Marrone, Sr. Training and Development Consultant, University of Pennsylvania, HR